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Do you suffer from inflammation, tender joints, and decreased mobility?

You're not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of an inflammatory condition. As you get older, you may naturally lose flexibility and mobility. Inflammation can make it difficult to perform simple tasks, such as opening jars. Stiffness, pain, and a limited range of motion in your joints can make daily activities more difficult and accidents more likely. However, there are things you can do to cope with and improve these symptoms.

The Medicinal Properties of the Tumeric Root

Eating a healthy, fresh diet and exercising regularly can help; staying hydrated is also essential. In addition‚ there are potential natural remedies for inflammation and related pain. Turmeric root is a potent herb found in South Asia and long revered for its medicinal properties, as well as for its culinary role. This bright-orange root is ground into a fine powder, often for use as a spice. It's a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Curcumin for Bioavailability

Science has isolated curcumin as the active component of turmeric, which may support joint mobility and strength. However, most of the forms of curcumin on the market lack sufficient bioavailability, meaning that your body fails to absorb all of their contents. Curcumin Phytosome by Protocol for Life Balance is different, due to its unique complex containing phosphatidylcholine, an important component in cell membranes.

Phosphatidylcholine may increase assimilation and bioavailability, ensuring that this powerful ingredient enters your bloodstream in a clinically effective dose. Since curcumin may also help detoxify the liver and support the maintenance of soft tissues, it's less likely to build up in your system.